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President Sisi invites Lebanese counterpart to Arab-EU Summit

CAIRO – 12 February 2019: Lebanese President Michel Aoun received an invitation from his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fatah al-Sisi on Tuesday to attend the Arab-European Summit taking place in Sharm El Sheikh on February 24 – 25.
The invitation was delivered by Egyptian ambassador to Beirut Nazih al-Nagary who discussed with President Aoun bilateral relations, and the political developments in Lebanon and the region.
President Sisi described – in his message – the summit as “historic” saying it would affirm “the importance of Arab-European relations which are rooted in mutual political, security, and socio-economic interests, and in deep historic and cultural ties. That is in addition to geographic proximity between Arab and European states.”
“The multiple ties require both parties to hold more talks and consultations, and to cooperate with the aim of overcoming joint challenges which have mushroomed for different reasons over the past decade,” President Sisi added.
“I am confident that both parties, Arab and European, are looking forward to work together as partners within a framework of mutual respect in order to solidify regional and international security and stability, and to accomplish prosperity and luxury,” President Sisi stated.
President Sisi said that the participation of the Lebanese president “will have a great impact on the success” of the first edition of the summit, according to a statement by the Lebanese presidency.
The Egyptian ambassador congratulated President Aoun for the formation of a coalition cabinet earlier this month wishing him and the government success in fulfilling the Lebanese people’s aspirations on the political and economic levels. He also affirmed Egypt’s support to Lebanon in all possible ways.
Although Lebanese general election took place in May, the parliament failed to form the cabinet for nine months because of disagreements over the shares of different parties representing different sects.