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Parl’t discusses draft law reorganizing study in medical schools

CAIRO – 13 February 2019: The Parliament's Plenary Session is set to give a final decision on a controversial draft law that amends the law organizing the practice and academic study of medicine, with the aim of emulating the World Federation for Medical Education.
The draft law reduces the number of years required for a student to earn a bachelor’s degree in medicine to five years instead of six.However, medical students will have to undergo two years of medical training, instead of one before they graduate, according to the draft law.
The medicine degrees will be measured by credit hours, and medical students will have to undergo an exam before they are licensed to practice medicine.
The Egyptian Medical Syndicate voiced objection to the draft law after it has been preliminarily approved by the Parliament, mainly for reorganizing medical study by setting five years for study and two for practical training instead of six for study and only one for practice.
Osama Abdel Hai, a syndicate's official, said that increasing practical training will be useless unless a modern curriculum for practice is created, which is currently not available.
The syndicate's board member said that most of the hospitals nowadays exploit doctors during their one-year training to work in nursing, which makes this year of no benefit for them.

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