Hany Shaker to perform for 1st time in Saudi Arabia on Mar.26

CAIRO – 17 March 2019: Veteran Egyptian singer Hany Shaker will perform a massive concert for the first time in Saudi Arabia on March 26. Shaker will be accompanied by renowned Egyptian maestro SelimSahab.
Poet Naser el-Geel will collaborate with the prominent singer in a new song entitled “ShabahekAwi” (We are alike). “ShabahekAwi” is composed by Mohamed Dia’a and distributed by BassemMoneir.
Shaker was born in Cairo in 1952. He started his musical career at a very young age in Abdel Halim Hafez choral in the song “Sora” (Photo).
Later, Shaker performed the role of young SayedDarwish in the movie “SayedDarwish”.
He studied music in the Cairo Conservatoire. In 1972, while he was a student in the second year, he released his first breakthrough hit “HelouaYaDonia” (It’s a wonderful life). Shaker had much support from the musical legends at that time, such as Umm Kulthum, Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Abdel Halim Hafez, as they believed in his talent.
Shaker's musical repertoire includes more than 461 songs such as “Ghalta” (A mistake), “El Helm El Gameel” (The beautiful dream), “Tekhsary” ( You will lose), among others. Shaker is the current head of the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate.