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Mufti urges citizens to take part in referendum on constitutional amendments

CAIRO – 18 April 2019: Mufti of the Republic Shawqi Allam has called on citizens to take part in the constitutional amendments due to be held across the country within days.
In statements to MENA Thursday, the Mufti highlighted the importance for every citizen to exercise his/her political and constitutional rights through the participation in the referendum in to serve the best interest of the homeland.
Speaking about terrorism, the mufti said terror groups spread destruction and devastation in the name of religion, pointing out that the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood is the most errant group the country has ever known.
He said the support of the Armed Forces and police for war on terror is a religious duty as the terrorist groups seek to destabilize the security of the nation.
Allam said Islam has never known the clash of civilizations but knew coexistence among peoples, adding that Prophet Muhamed had appealed to his companions to integrate themselves among others and avoid a clash of civilizations.