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Prosecution interrogates Ola al-Qaradawi, orders 15-day detention

CAIRO – 8 July 2019: The Supreme State Security Prosecution interrogated Ola al-Qaradawi over charges of terrorism funding, affiliation to a terror group, leading an outlawed group, incitement to violence, and undermining the state in lawsuit no.800/2019.
Ola is the daughter of Islamic cleric Yousef al-Qaradawi who backs the Muslim Brotherhood that is designated as a terrorist group in Egypt. Qaradawi, who carries the Egyptian and Qatari nationalities, is wanted for prosecution in Egypt because of incitement to terrorism.
Yoused al-Qaradawi
FILE – Yousef al-Qaradawi
The arraignment states that Ola al-Qaradawi was executing a “hostile plot” prepared by the fugitive leaders of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. The plot is aimed at creating illegal channels for suspicious transactions. The funds would be used in financing violence and vandalism activities that would target the state institutions concurrently.
The defendant is also accused of being involved in facilitating communication between the brotherhood’s jailed leaders and loose members so that the former would give the latter orders pertinent to financial support for hostile activities. That was during her imprisonment as she was being prosecuted in custody for joining a terror group that is the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.
The prosecution ordered her detention for 15 days pending investigation. Ola al-Qaradawi was working at Qatar’s Embassy in Cairo as she carries the Qatari nationality.