Tourists flock to Dolphin House in holiday

A large turnout of tourists of different nationalities have visited Arak and Fanous reef in the Red Sea, also known as the Dolphin House, since Saturday.
Head of the Red Sea Nature Reserves, Tamer Kamel, said the Environment Ministry on Saturday set a rule of maximum 300 visitors to the Dolphin House in one day, as well as a $10-fee per person, to protect the dolphins’ natural habitat. The fee is L.E. 50 for Egyptians.
The rule will be applied on the rest of the Red Sea protectorates in three months. However, sea units shorter than 17 meters in length that go to the area with divers and others to snorkel are exempt from the fee.
The Dolphin House lies in the northern islands of Hurghada, and tourists in Marsa Alam also go there. It is an area with splendid corals and plenty of dolphins, an attraction that brings many visitors everyday to dive, snorkel and watch the sea creatures up and close the glass floor of tourist boats.