National Egyptian Theater Festival to kick off on August 17

CAIRO – 17 August 2019: The National Egyptian Theater Festival headed by veteran Egyptian artist Ahmed Abdel Aziz will kick off from August 17-30.
The festival announced honoring veteran comedian Lotfy Labib in the festival’s 12th edition.
Among its publications, the festival will present a book entitled "Lotfy Labib… The enchanting Comedian" written by Bassem Sadek, in celebration of the comedian whose works positively impacted the artistic scene in Egypt throughout the years.
The festival is also due to honor actress Sawsan Badr, singer Ali el-Haggar, actor Youssef Shaaban, actor Tawfik Abdel Hamid, late great actor Farouk el Fishawy, veteran actor Mahmoud el Gendy, late renowned comedian Mohamed Negm, late theatrical actress Mohsena Tawfik, , director Mohsen Helmy, actress Hala Fakher, writer El-Sayed Hafez, Director of Theatrical Administration in the National Theater, Assem el-Badawy and professor of decoration at the High Institute of Theatrical Arts Abd Rabo Abd Rabo.
national theater festival 2
The General Organization of for Culture Palaces will participate in the festival will by presenting four spectacles of children's theater: The first spectacle
is for Children's Culture Palace in Damietta entitled "Island of Life" composed by Hassam El-Din Abdel Aziz and directed by Ahmed El-Ghazlany,
The second is entitled "The Three Colors” of “ Hassan Fakhr al-Din Bensar Al-Nubia” Troupe , composed by Effat Barakat and directed by Sahar Ghrobi, the third entitled "Beautiful Radubi" composed by Ahmed Zaham and directed by Mohamed Fuad for Manshiet Nasser's Culture Palace. The fourth is entitled "Smakmino" composed by Abeer Saad and directed by Rana Perak for Al- Anfoushy Culture Palace.
Furthermore, The General Organization of Cultural Palaces will also participate by five performances in the Grand Theater Competition:- "The Wonders of Alexandria" composed by Victor Hugo, new vision of Osama Noureddine and directed by Sameh Bassiouny, "The Feast of the Clowns" taken from “Notre Dame Hunchback” by Victor Hugo, presented by Al- Chateppe Culture Palace, prepared by Ahmed Saleh and directed by Mohamed El Zeini, “The Rituals of Signs And Transitions " for Al- Fayoum Culture Palace, composed by Saadallah Wannous and directed by Sameh El Hadary," The Good Man "for Kafr El Sheikh Culture Palace, composed by Bertol Brecht and directed by El Said Mansi," Sultan El Harafish " for Al- Gharbyia National Troupe ,written by Tarek Ammaro and directed by Al Sayed Fajal.
The General Organization of Cultural Palaces participates in “Youth Theater Competition” by three performances: "High Heel" (Experiences) in Kabbari Culture House, written and directed by Mohamed Taya, "Echo of Silence" by Mansoura Culture Palace club, written by Qasim Mataroud and directed by Abdel Bari Saad,
"Abu Klebs" Al- Anfoushi Culture Palace Club, written and directed by Ashraf Ali.