Time Magazine selects Red Sea Mountain Trail among best tourist places in World

Time magazine has chosen the Red Sea Mountain Trail as one of the top tourist attractions to be visited in 2019 out of 100 destinations that tourists should experience now.
The Red Sea Trail is the first hiking trail in Egypt and is located near Hurghada.
For her part, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of Tourism, affirmed that the richness, diversity and originality that Egypt offers to the world has become the headlines of international newspapers and magazines.
The Minister thanked the traveler and the British adventurer Ben Hoffler, one of the co-founders of the trail, and the Egyptian adventurer Omar Al-Samra for their efforts to develop and support adventure tourism in Egypt, and congratulated the Egyptian communities that contributed to the revival of such paths and paths.
The Minister pointed out that the Red Sea Trail project is a community tourism project aimed at preserving the environment, developing and supporting the surrounding communities and creating job opportunities in industries where the people of the region work. This is in line with the Ministry of Tourism's vision to put Egypt on the path of sustainable tourism. Locality is part of the Ministry of Tourism's broader goal of 'employing at least one Egyptian family in the tourism sector and related activities'.
It also offers a real experience for the adventurer or travelers to connect and learn about the culture of the region, which is consistent with the concept of the People to People campaign, which aims to highlight the diversity of the Egyptian people, and introduce tourists to different tourist areas to highlight their competitive advantages and characteristics Branding by Destination, one of the pillars Promoting and revitalizing the structural reform program for the development of the sector.