Old Cairo’s Ain al-Hayat to be developed into tourist destination

CAIRO – 12 September 2019: Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli visited Thursday Ain al-Hayat, a neighborhood and slums in Old Cairo, to follow up on a project to renovate the area and revive the historic look of Al Fustat.
Al Fustat was the first capital of Egypt under Muslim rule.
This comes within a government plan to develop the area surrounding the Museum of Civilization to convert it into an international tourist destination.
The Egyptian Premiere, during his visit, listened to a set of briefs regarding what has been accomplished in the area, as around 241 buildings were removed and 69 families were granted new homes in the 6 October city.
Also, 56 tombs were removed and their owners compensated with new places to live in 15 May city.
The Ministry of Housing has said in earlier remarks that there is a plan to convert the whole area into an international tourist destination for the amount of monuments and historical buildings such as the Mosque of Amr ibn al-As, The Synagogue and Saint George Church.