“1982” to be screened in GFF on Sept. 22

CAIRO – 22 September 2019: The third edition of El Gouna Film Festival resumes, while the Lebanese film "1982" directed by Walid Mounes – a participant in the feature film competition-, will be screened on Sept. 22.
A red-carpet ceremony will be prepared for the film’s makers and cast.
The film received a support award from the last edition of El Gouna Film Festival in the post-production category.
Set in a private school on the outskirts of Beirut during the Lebanese war in 1982, the film stars a group of actors and Nadine Labaki plays the leading role.
The film focuses at the start of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in June of the same year while taking place in a school setting, where a little school boy determined to declare his love to a classmate as war breaks out changing both their lives forever.
The war did not make the boy back off from declaring his love to his beloved class-mate, infact, it made him even more eager to confess his love.
The film is the first work of the young director Walid Mounis and co-starring famous director Nadine Labaki.
“1982” participated in the last edition of the Toronto Film Festival, winning the Best Asian Film Award and is expected to compete strongly at this year's awards in El Gouna Film Festival.