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Sudan’s Cabinet, Populist Movement sign ‘Political Declaration’

CAIRO – 21 October 2019: Sudan’s transitional government delegation and the Populist Movement (North – El Helw Division) signed the Political Declaration in Juba on Monday as reported by Sky News Arabia without any further details.
Both parties had agreed to form a joint committee to articulate the declaration that will later be presented for mediation, and to invite members of the UN Security Council members to attend the signing ceremony.
The transitional government and the Sovereignty Council had announced in September the beginning of the second round of negotiations with the movement, which encompasses the majority of armed groups, and Nidaa al-Sudan coalition of political parties backed by armed divisions. Juba was selected to host the talks backed by the African Union, and the United Nations.

Nidaa al-Sudan meetings kick off in Egypt

CAIRO – 28 September 2019: The Nidaa al-Sudan (Sudan's Call) meetings fostered by Egypt kicked off in Ain al-Sokhna on Saturday in order to reach an agreement on the political framework to be adopted by Sudan after ending the transitional phase.

The Sudanese Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Freedom and Change Alliance (revolutionary coalition) signed a constitutional declaration in August mainly stating that the transitional period will last for 39 months, the resolution of disagreements must be through dialogue, and that all the work should be based on the principles of democracy and human rights, taking into account the traditional values of the Sudanese people.
The declaration stipulates the formation of a sovereignty council encompassing 11 members, including five civilians, five military representatives and a civilian selected by the 10 other members of the council. The council is chaired by a military representative for the first 21 months as of the date of signing the agreement, and later by a civilian, until the transitional period ends, as reported by Xinhua.
Within three months after signing the constitutional declaration, a legislative council must be formed, but until then the sovereignty council fulfills its tasks. The declaration allows the Freedom and Change Alliance to select the prime minister of the transitional government, having a maximum of 22 ministers nominated by the alliance, excluding the ministers of interior and defense. Members of the transitional government and sovereignty council are not allowed to participate in elections that follow the transitional period.
The declaration states the formation of a national independent committee to investigate the murder of 87 and injury of 168 on June 3 protests against the Sudanese military. Demonstrators were demanding that the army does not intervene in the political process after the ouster of former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on April 11, as reported by France 24 citing Fath al-Rahman Saeed, head of the investigative committee appointed by the Sudanese public prosecutor.