Alexandria Arab Theater Festival to launch on Dec. 3

CAIRO – 8 November 2019: The artistic and cultural communities in Egypt are preparing for the first edition of Alexandria Arab Theater Festival for Specialized Institutes and Faculties, scheduled to run from Dec. 3 – 8.
The festival will be held under the supervision of the Egyptian Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. The festival will witness the participation of students from institutes and colleges specialized in performing arts, inside and outside Egypt.
The festival aims to encourage cultural exchange among students of different Arab countries, promoting a positive and fruitful dialogue among civilizations and providing students with unlimited opportunities to practice theater in an atmosphere that encourages them to present their performances in a way that highlights their artistic potential.
President of the Academy of Arts and founder of the festival Ashraf Zaki said, “The youth of art institutes in the Arab world are the leaders of the theatrical movement in the coming years. It was necessary to establish a festival that helps young cadres meet one another and get acquainted with the various theatrical schools early on.”
Alexandria was chosen to host the festival after opening the new branch of the academy there. Alexandria is a city of magic, beauty and culture. The weather during the winter season is magnificent, which will have a positive impact on the cultural and touristic movement in the city, According to Zaki.