Angham to collaborate with poet Gamal el-Khoury again

CAIRO – 14 November 2019: Angham is currently working on a new song with songwriter Gamal el-Khouly and composer Mohammadi. The song is set to be recorded in the coming period, according to Khouly.
Angham and Khouly previously collaborated in “Ala Hesak Ayamy” from Angham’s latest album “Hala Khasa Gedan” (A Very Special Case).
Khouly’s latest musical works include Assala's “Sabook,” composed by Ahmed el-Adl; Tamer Ashour's “Men Gheir Ma Ahkelak,” composed by Mohamed el-Nadi; and Wama's “Ketret Hekayati”, composed by Ramy Gamal.