Two temporary exhibitions in Tahrir’s Egyptian Museum Nov. 15

CAIRO – 13 November 2019: Minister of Antiquities Khaled el-Anany, will launch two temporary exhibitions on caches and education in ancient Egypt, in celebrations of 150 years since the establishment of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.
The exhibitions will be launched on Nov. 15 at 6pm.
The celebration will also include an inspection tour in the presence of Minister of Antiquities Khaled el-Anany, a number of the ministry's leaders and a number of public figures in Egypt.
Wang Yang, chairman of the Chinese Consultative Council and a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and his party, visited the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir on Nov. 12, and was highly intrigued by the ancient Egyptian civilization.
The tour began with a visit to the ground floor, where Yang saw the Narmer palette in the museum's main lobby, in addition to the statue of Amenhotep III and his wife Queen Ti. He then visited the private halls of Tutankhamun, the Royal Mummy Hall and the treasures of Yoya and Toya (grandparents of the King Akhenaten).