Despite his cancer, Abdel Wahab to participate in ‘El-Ankabut’

CAIRO – 19 November 2019: Director and actor Zaki Fatin Abdel Wahab revealed details of his cancer treatment journey, how it affected his life and what lessons he learned from this undesirable experience.
Abdel Wahab mentioned to the press that the most difficult thing is to have to wait for a month and a half to be informed of the type of the tumor.
“I usually go to do some radiology and medical examinations annually, both on the heart and lungs. Suddenly, the medical team discovered what appeared as a small tumor in my lungs. However, this finding was not confirmed. A lot of medical tests had to be done and were sent to Greece. The difficult part was that I had to wait for the results for a month and a half to come back from Greece. The medical center in Greece confirmed it was a tumor,” said Abdel Wahab.
“Cancer did not negatively affect me, but all I care about is the people who are around me, especially my brother Ashraf because he is always concerned about me. He’s my entire family,” resumed Abdel Wahab.
“I had to reveal my medical case. It is not something to be ashamed of. People around me and everyone else have the right to know,” continued the popular director and actor.
"Ashraf Zaki and the Theatrical Professions Syndicate stood firmly beside me in every step. I am glad I have been treated in the Armed Forces Hospital in Maadi,” Abdel Wahab stressed.
The actor explained that he will wait for three months once he is done with chemotherapy, and he will not be receiving any other treatment. He will be undergoing further x-rays to make sure the tumor is inactive, and that it has not further spread. He clarified he is currently trying to avoid smoking and fried foods; he focuses more on a healthy diet that includes fish.
“I will be participating in the film 'El-Ankabut' starring Ahmed el-Sakka and Mona Zaki,” concluded the actor and director.