UNAIDS MENA praises Mouawad’s efforts fighting HIV, gender based violence.

CAIRO – 6 December 2019: UNAIDS MENA applauds the HIV women’s rights champion Nicolas Mouawad for his strong activism fighting against HIV and gender based violence.
This came in honor of World AIDS Day. Mouawad achieved a booming success recently performing Taymour character in the successful series ‘’Bela Daleel’’ ( Without Evidence) .
The famed Lebanese actor was chosen by American director David Helling to play the role of Prophet Abraham.
‘’After long months of wait, I am super excited to finally share with u the news that I was selected out of more than 1700 actors overseas to fly this June to Los Angeles to shoot “His Only Son”, my first ever American feature movie’’ Mouawad previously wrote on his official Instagram account.
Mouawad added that he is beyond thankful to God for always blessing him way more than he deserves not only for giving him this one of a kind career opportunity, but as well for giving him the blessing of playing one of god’s best men in history who is Prophet Abraham, in a movie that talks about one of Abraham’s hardest struggles.
Mouawad thanked the director David Helling for choosing him to play this way beyond words character, and for producers Roman Medjanov and Mike Kaney for taking the “hustle” of flying a Lebanese actor to shoot in the US with all the endless required paper work.
“His Only Son” movie is expected to be released on 2020.
His repertoire includes many successful TV roles such as Tarek’s role in ‘’Sabea Gar’’ (Seventh Neighbor), Mourad in ‘’Heba Regl El-Ghorab’’, Farouk in ‘’Wanoos’’ and Nadeem in ‘’Teleat Rouhy ‘’.
He won me the best lead actor award at the London International Film Festival in 2013 on performing Omar role in the independent feature movie ‘’Takaseem El-Hob’’. He was a jury member at the Alexandria Short Film Festival in 2019.
Mouawad is an outspoken Arab actor who is concerned about many life issues, a young man with stances that he is never shy to express. Far more than just a heartthrob, Mouwad is carving a name for himself as one of the Arab World’s most ambitious artists.