Tourism to Egypt grew by 21% in 2019: UNWTO

CAIRO – 21 January 2020: The UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) indicated in a report that international tourism to Egypt grew by 21 percent in 2019 with 13.6 million visitors.
North Africa witnessed a nine-percent growth and the Middle East was the most growing international tourist destination by more than 8 percent, while Asia and the Pacific experienced a slowdown as the growth in foreign tourists recorded just 5 percent.
The report pointed out that Europe still endures very low growth rates compared to previous years as it received 743 million foreign tourists, composing 51 percent of international tourism.
The Americas and Africa witnessed 2 and 4 percent growth, respectively. Sub-Saharan Africa's tourism grew by just 1.5 percent. The growth in the Americas is derived from the Caribbean, while a decline occurred in Latin America.