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Egypt reaffirms its support to Libya’s stability

CAIRO – 23 January 2020: Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry affirmed Egypt’s support to Libya’s stability, calling for an inter-Libyan solution without any foreign interference.
In Algeria-held ministerial meeting for Libya's neighboring countries, Shoukry said that Turkey has caused a state of confusion in Libya, calling for abiding by the outcomes of Berlin Conference on Libya, which was held on Sunday.
Shoukry asserted that the meeting aims at maintaining the truce between the conflicting parties in Libya [the Libyan National Army led by Commander Khalifa Haftar and forces of the Government of National Accord led by Fayez al Sarraj] and abiding by the arm embargo. He added that Libya still has terrorist militia, besides the Islamic State militant group fighters, that should be fought.
Shoukry discussed Egypt's five-point vision on Libyan crisis, which aims at forming an independent government, disarming the militias, distributing the fortunes fairly and organizing the Libyan army.
The neighboring countries discussed future steps in light of the Berlin Summit on Libya.
The Berlin Conference on Libya Kicked off Sunday with the aim of concluding a truce between warring parties and paving the way for reconstruction under an elected civilian government.
The Participating States in the conference pledge not to interfere in Libya's domestic affairs.
The countries taking part in the conference included Egypt, the United States, Russia, China, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Turkey, the UAE, Algeria, and Congo, in addition to the European Union, Arab League and African Union. The Tunisian president declined the invitation to attend the conference because it was late.
In a conclusion statement, they said that the ongoing situation in Libya threatens the international stability and security, calling upon the conflicting parties in Libya to make a truce.
They also called on the United Nation's Security Council to impose sanctions against any Libyan party that violates the ceasefire, the statement said.