Int’l cooperation min. reviews joint cooperation with Davos Forum, Citi Bank, Uber

CAIRO – 22 January 2020: Minister of International Cooperation Rania Al-Mashat discussed with Deputy Head for Geopolitical and Regional Affairs of the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) Mirek Dusek in Davos deepening cooperation between Egypt and the WEF to achieve the sustainable development goals.
Mashat hailed the role of the board of directors of the future of the Middle East and North Africa division at the forum which brings together representatives of the governmental and private sectors along with international economic experts from the region.
She highlighted that the panel works to improve the economic situation and beef up inclusive growth in the Middle East and Africa countries.
Afterwards, Mashat met with Matthew Stephenson, Policy and Community Lead for International Trade and Investment at the WEF to tackle means of boosting cooperation between both sides through encouraging partnerships between international financing institutions and the private sector.
Stephenson hailed the economic and structural reforms carried out by the Egyptian government which he said helped improve the business climate.
Mashat pointed out to her ministry's vision which backs Egypt's multilateral partnerships with the aim of achieving the country's national agenda 2030.
Separately, Mashat reviewed cooperation with Vice Chairman Corporate and Investment Banking at Citi Bank Jay Collins and beefing up the funding that the bank offers to the private sector.
She also met with two vice presidents of Uber's ride-hailing business Justin Kintz and Pierre-Dimitri.
They discussed ways of expanding the company's activities in Egypt to cover the neediest areas.
The Uber officials said that Egypt is the company's largest market in Africa.