ET commemorates late Ahmed Ratib on his birth anniversary

CAIRO – 23 January 2020: The late actor Ahmed Ratib is one of those artists who possess multiple talents, different abilities and a clear imprint in the acting world. January 23 marks the birth anniversary of the late iconic actor.
During his enriching artistic career, Ratib managed to carve his name in gold in the hearts and minds of Egyptian and the Arab World, through distinguished roles he presented in numerous screenplays.
One of his most distinguished roles was in the series "El-Mal Wel Banon", where he embodied the character of Soht. Also, the role of Al-Kahit, which is the famous character first thought of by the late writer Ahmed Ragab and drawn into a caricature by artist Mustafa Hussein, where late Ratib presented and transformed it from a comical character to an influential dramatic character.
Ratib won the Radio and Television Festival award for the role of "Al-Qasbaji" in “Umm Kulthum” series. He excelled in presenting this character which is one of his most important roles in TV dramas.
Ratib also had his share in presenting spectacular roles in the film industry, where his ingenuity was clear in the comical character Ali Abdel Zaher in which he presented in the film “Wahda Bewahda” starring Adel Imam and Lebleba.
The late actor also presented several distinguished roles in theater. One of his most popular roles was “Sameh”, the clumsy, nerdy character he embodied in the famed play “Sok Ala Banatak” starring late iconic actor Fouad el-Mohandes.
The last role presented by Ahmed Ratib was in the play “Balad el-Sultan”, where he presented the hypocritical politician who changes his morals and values with every regime.
Ratib had a style with simplicity in performance, where comedy was present in most of his roles. He was certainly an added value to any artistic performance he participated in.
Ratib passed away on Dec. 14, 2016.