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Egyptian NGO sheds light on illegal migration, Turkey’s abuses

CAIRO – 26 January 2020: An Egyptian human rights group is set to publish its first report on illegal immigration later on Sunday, months after President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said not even a case of illegal immigration has been recorded in Egypt since September 2016.
The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialog, a non-governmental organization, will introduce its report, dubbed “Illegal Immigration.. A Nightmare Threatening Humanity,” through which it will highlight the danger of such phenomenon on human rights as well as the security and stability of the Middle Eastern countries.
The report will also shed light on the Turkey’s regime’s exploitation of the immigration case to blackmail the European Union countries, after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in October last year threatened to send 3.6 million refugees to Europe in case the European countries designate the latest Turkish military interference in Syria an “occupation.”
It will also report Turkey’s reported failure to protect its shores and being an alleged cause for the exacerbation of the security situation in Syria and Libya through backing terrorist militias involved in the smuggling and human trafficking operations.
As Turkey is set to hand its Universal Periodic Review to the United Nations Human Rights Council by the end of this month, an Egyptian human rights groups called on international community to hold the Turkish regime accountable for “terrorist acts”.
In a letter to the OHCHR, the rights group, known as “Hoqeqeiat” presented a monitoring report that documented the Turkish regime's “practice of state terrorism” and the extension of human rights violations from inside Turkey to abroad, especially to the neighboring countries.
The report said that the crimes included military intervention in northern Syria and the resulting human rights violations, as well as the regime’s support of terrorist militias in Libya.
The letter stressed the availability of many testimonies and documents that confirm Turkey's transfer of terrorist elements from Syria to Libya, and Erdogan’s use of a threatening tone against the neighboring countries in which he referred to symbols of the defunct Ottoman caliphate.