Deposits in banks hit LE 4.235T in December

CAIRO – 25 February 2020: Total bank deposits in Egypt increased by LE 52 billion, reaching LE 4.235 trillion in December, up from 4.183 trillion in November, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) said in a report Tuesday.
According to the report, a copy of which was obtained by MENA, government deposits totaled LE 613 billion in December 2019, compared to LE 612.5 billion the previous month.
Government deposits in local currency stood at about LE 537.9 billion, while it recorded LE 75.1 billion in foreign currency.
Non-government deposits increased to LE 3.622 trillion in December, against LE 3.57 trillion the previous month, the report said.
The total value of non-government deposits in local currency amounted to EGP 2.96 trillion by the end of December, up from LE 2.901 trillion by the end of November.
Of that total, the public business sector deposits amounted to LE 65.9 billion, while deposits of the private sector and the family sector registered LE 409.5 billion and LE 2.472 trillion respectively.