1k GEM employees trained to combat fires, hazardous situations

CAIRO – 26 February 2020: Due to the heavy rains in Cairo this week, rumors went viral on social media that the Grand Egyptian Museum was flooded with rain water.
General Supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum and the surrounding area Atef Moftah confirmed that nothing within the Grand Egyptian Museum is left for chance, stressing that everything is perfectly planned.
Moftah stated that over 1,000 employees at the Grand Egyptian Museum are being trained on mechanisms to deal with rains or fires.

شاهد مشرف المتحف الكبير يدرب 1000 عامل تدريب حى لمواجهة الحرائق

حصل "اليوم السابع" على فيديو وصور لأعمال التدريب الحى على إطفاء الحريق داخل المتحف المصرى الكبير، لـ 1000 عامل فى المتحف، من خلال ورش تدريبية لـ اللواء عاطف …

The general supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum revealed to the press that the training he, personally, provides to the employees depicts real-life scenarios inside and outside the museum, and ways to practically deal with such incidents.
1000 workers receiving extensive training in the GEM – ET
Moftah further explained that a real fire-fighting truck was used during the training, to make sure the vehicle can reach all areas of the museum in case a fire broke out.
The museum’s supervisor denied all rumors that stated water accumulated in the museum during the heavy rains that Egypt witnessed earlier this week, stating that the museum is designed and equipped to deal with bad weather conditions and any other hazardous situation.
It is worth noting that the Grand Egyptian Museum is set to be officially inaugurated in the last quarter of 2020 in the presence of local and international media outlets as well as kings and presidents of numerous countries.