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Egypt urges reversing Israeli decision to build settlements in West Bank

CAIRO – 27 February 2020: Egyptian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday condemned the Israeli government’s decision to allow the construction of new 3,500 units in illegal Israeli colonies in Palestine’s West Bank for violating international law, the ministry spokesman said in a statement.
Spokesman Ahmed Hafez denounced the decision as “contrary to international law represented in Security Council resolutions and international references on the Palestinian issue,” warning that it also undermines the chances of a peace based on a two-state solution, which represents the only solution to achieve just peace.
Hafez called on the international community to move to reverse the controversial decision.
This comes only few months after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that his country would no longer abide by 1978 State Department opinion, which call the Israeli settlements in West Bank against international law, reversing the Barack "Obama administration’s approach towards Israeli settlements.
Later in November, the Arab League stated that the US unilateral decision on legalizing the settlements in the West Bank is null and void, warning of the US decisions concerning the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric said the longstanding position of the UN regarding Israeli settlements in "Occupied Palestinian Territory" – that they are in breach of international law – is unchanged, according to the UN website.
He added that the UN remains “committed to a two-State solution based on the relevant UN resolutions”.