Egypt receives tourists from France, Germany and Spain: Official

CAIRO – 12 March 2020: Vice President of the Chamber of Tourism Companies in Luxor Mohamed Othman stressed that the influx of tourists in the city continues without declining and that Luxor monuments are being visited by tourists regularly.
"Luxor Airport received during the past 24 hours four flights from European cities with French, German and Spanish tourist on board," he told Egypt Today on Thursday.
"A Turkish flight carrying 107 tourists of different nationalities arrived at dawn. This is in addition to the domestic flights that come from Cairo and transfer dozens of tourists to Luxor," he added.
The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is following the tourists' arrival to Luxor. The ministry confirmed that the city receives tourists from Safaga and Hurghada to enjoy visiting the various archeological sites in the city.
Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mustafa Waziri stated that tourism activities have not been canceled in Egypt and that the tourism sector is operating regularly.