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4 Turkish soldiers, chief Syrian mercenary killed in Libya

CAIRO – 23 March 2020: Commander of the Libyan Western Military Zone Mabrouk al-Ghazwy said in a video-taped speech on Sunday that four Turkish soldiers and a Syrian militant commander were killed in the latest clashes southern Tripoli.
Those were fighting in the ranks of the militias of the Government of National Accord (GNA) based in the Libyan capital. The Libyan National Army (LNA) captured Sirte earlier this year, and has been trying to enter Misrata and Tripoli after encircling them. The GNA is an interim non-elected government that is recognized by the United Nations.
"Ghazwy clarified that the Turkish soldiers were killed duringLNA'ssiege of Ain Zara district that started on March 17," as reported by Al Arabiya. The Syrian chief militant died as a result of his injury after he had been captured by the LNA.
The mercenary confessed that 10 Turkish soldiers and eight Syrians fled after the ACV-15 armored combat vehicle carrying them was targeted by the LNA on Sunday as it crossed a defensive line to launch an attack.
The squad requested backup from Mitiga Airbase controlled by the GNA militias but it could not reach them due to the siege.
Ghazwy stated that the LNA does not mind handing the bodies to the families through the Libyan Red Crescent.
LNA Spokesperson Ahmed al-Mesmary declared on Sunday on his Facebook page that the militias “are violating the truce in Al-Hayrah district southern Tripoli, and striking the forces concentrations by artillery.”
On Monday, Mesmary announced that the militias are heavily striking Shershara area northern Tarhouna, which lies southeast of Tripoli, by Grad missiles. In parallel, the militias are randomly striking Qasr Bin Ghashir and Wadi al-Rabie neighborhoods eastern Tripoli. The spokesperson added that the militias’ commander threatens to launch more operations against the city.
"A ship called PRAY, raising Sierra Leone's flag, was preparing to leave the Port of Istanbul on Thursday to deliver arms to the GNA militias,"reported the Libyan Observatory newspaper. The owning company changed the ship’s name into ANA after it had been targeted at Tripoli port by the LNA in February. The strike incurred the death of three Turkish officers that were standing nearby. At the time, it raised the flag of Albania.
The ship, accompanied by Turkish frigates, is delivering armored vehicles, and a Hawk Radar system to replace the one that was destroyed in Mitiga Airbase by the LNA.