Carragher: Terry was a better version of me

Jamie Carragher, Liverpool’s veteran player, praised Chelsea’s legend John Terry as he believes that the player had better qualities than him.
In an interview with Sky Sports, Carragher explained how Terry’s technical abilities made him a better player than Carragher.
“Terry was a better version of me. He was bigger, more powerful, better quality on the ball as well. He was one who when you trained with him went up a level in your eyes.,” Carragher said, as reported from Goal.
Additionally, the 42-year-old England International player [Carragher] talked about how despite Terry being right footed yet he still managed to make great use of his left foot.
“Terry could pass the ball 60 or 70 yards with his left foot – the best ball-playing centre-back in the world would struggle to do that. So he was definitely one that you’d think was a top player, and you’d see that with England,” Carragher added, according to Goal.
Ever since his professional debut in 1998, Terry managed to play over 700 games with the Blues [Chelsea] where he spent most of his club career winning five Premier League titles and a Champions League gold medal in 2011/12.