UNESCO chooses Egyptian Museum in Tahrir as the most influential museum in Africa

CAIRO – 22 May 2020: UNESCO chooses Egyptian Museum in Tahrir as the most influential museum in Africa because the official Twitter account of the Egyptian Museum claimed the second rank as the most influential Twitter official account for an African museum.
Director of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Sabah Abdel Razek said this selection occurred in the annual initiative of the Museum Week under the auspices of UNESCO.
Museum Week is an international festival organised by cultural institutions on social media.
Museum Week initiative’s official page congratulated the Egyptian Museum over such great performance.
In 2015, the UNESCO General Conference adopted the Recommendation concerning the Protection and Promotion of Museums and Collections, their Diversity and their Role in Society.
UNESCO always believes that museums play key role in spreading the values of heritage, diversity and intercultural conversation.
The main theme of this fifth edition of #MuseumWeek was "life in society".
The fifth edition which was held from April 23 to 29 focused on the values of tolerance and citizenship.
The event aims to support the digital environment, which is often controlled by intolerance, with the cultural, artistic, technical, and scientific content promoted by museums.
The principle of the event is simple: around the formula "7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags", museums, galleries, archive centers, libraries and other cultural institutions around the world, celebrate Culture, art and science with their public on social networks.