We won’t abandon our duty towards Egypt amid COVID-19 pandemic: late Medicine Faculty Vice-dean Wife

CAIRO – 26 May 2020: Wife of late doctor Hisham El-Saket, the vice-dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University, said that she will resume her work as soon as she can, after completely recovering from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
“I am sure that if Hisham was alive, he would’ve gone back to continue his work as soon as he recovers, so, that’s what I’m going to do, and it’s not just me or him, but there are so many doctors who are continuing to fight against Covied-19 despite their infection.” Sherine El Gayyar Paediatrics and Nutrition Consultant at Cairo University Hospital said in a recorded video, Tuesday.
She added that, “despite all the challenges and fear, we will never abandon patients or ignore our sacred duty for Egypt and Egyptians.”

She noted that both of them [she and her late husband] were infected during work; however, he died and she managed to recover, el-Saket described her husband as a “role model” as he would continue his work, until the last minute of his life.
On May 1, president of the 112-year old Cairo University mourned the death of Hisham El-Saket, the vice-dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the university, after contracting the novel coronavirus.
In April, Hala Salah, dean of the faculty said 17 staff members at Al- Kasr Al-Aini Teaching Hospital affiliated to the faculty tested positive for coronavirus.
In remarks to “Al-Hikaya” talk show on MBC channel, Salah added that the infected staff members include doctors, nurses, and employees, noting that the Saket was one of the registered COVID-19 cases.
On Monday, Egypt’s Ministry of Health launched an investigation into the death of a physician infected with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) on Monday after it has been accused of “inaction” in protecting medical staff during the pandemic.
Minister of Health Hala Zayed ordered an investigation into the death of doctor Walid Yahia Abdel-Halim, who died from the COVID-19, in al-Munira hospital downtown Cairo on Monday, the Health Ministry announced in a statement.
The Minister added that all legal measures will be taken if any default is found, the statement said.
As yet, the number of doctors who died from the COVID-19 reached 19 physicians, including doctor Adel-Halim, while the number of the infected doctors registered more than 350, announced the Egyptian Medical Syndicate in a statement on Monday, saying “the Health Ministry’s failure in providing the doctors the health protection recurred.”
The syndicate stated that the ministry is required to conduct early testing to detect any infected cases among the medical staff members and testing those who are close to the COVID-19 patients. The syndicate asked the ministry for providing a treatment place for doctors who are infected with the virus.