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State employees on terror lists to be announced, dismissed

CAIRO – 29 August 2017: The Central Agency for Organization and Administration (CAOA) is setting a database of employees at the state’s administrative body who were convicted by court of committing terror crimes or joining terrorist groups so that they would be dismissed.
The CAOA’s head Chancellor Mohamed Gamil told El Masry El Youm on Monday that Law 8/2015 on terror lists entails that persons designated as terrorists by a court ruling lose the good reputation condition necessary to hold governmental and parliamentarian posts.
Chancellor Gamil stated that the names in the database would be announced after Eid al-Adha. He added that there are many names and that they would be reported to the institutions where they are working in to be dismissed as part of the administrative reforms taking place within the state institutions.
Chancellor Gamil issued a decision on Sunday, August 27, to launch surprise drug testing campaigns for the administrative staff of the state. The punishment, if proven to be abusing drugs with repeated drug analysis, is dismissal from work, according to the Civil Service Act.
According to a 2014 study by CAPMAS, ten percent of the population use drugs, which is double the global rate, but only 2.5 percent are drug addicts, which is on par with the global rate. Twenty-seven percent of drug users and addicts are women.