Rashid City turns to an open museum for Islamic Heritage

CAIRO – 11 October 2017: October 9 witnessed the first meeting of Rashid’s development project committee.
It reviewed the necessary measures for qualifying Rashid city to be an open Islamic heritage museum.
A number of preparations have been completed to qualify Rashid as a touristic destination. The Ministry of Tourism needs to set convincing touristic programs, mark touristic places in the city, and ready them for international tourism campaigns.
Beheira governorate is in the process of improving the main Nile corniche in the city. Also, the governorate should provide new places for vendors, establish more roads, fix existing roads and widen old roads.
The Minister of Endowments should provide the needed money for mosques’ and Islamic buildings’ restoration.
Ministers of Antiquities and Culture will also need to coordinate together to document and record historical buildings.
Local Development Minister Hisham Al Sherif, and Beheira Governor Nadia Abdoh attended the meeting.
The committee is organized by the prime minister and it includes a number of officials such as the Minister of Antiquities Khaled Al Anani, and Beheira Governor Nadia Abdoh, in addition to representatives from different ministries.