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61 unregistered migrants arrested, drugs seized at western borders

CAIRO – 24 October 2017: Border guards at Egypt's Western Military region seized four SUVs loaded with three million tablets of drugs Tuesday, according to a statement by the Military Spokesperson Tamer el-Refaey.
The spokesperson added that the security crackdown also managed to seized 120 kg of Hashish, and arrested six people involved.
An illegal immigration attempt by 61 people of different nationalities was thwarted across the border, said the statement.
On Monday, Egypt’s air force thwarted a new attempt to infiltrate the Western borders of the country. The forces have destroyed eight SUVs loaded with smuggled weapons and ammunition across the borders.
A pick-up truck was destroyed by Egyptian air forces in Western Desert – press photo
Air Forces targeting militants' SUVs trying to infiltrate into western borders – Press photo
Clashes erupted between militants and security forces in Wahat area, in Giza on Friday, resulting in 17 officers and 15 militants killed.
Investigations into the shootout are underway and a police hunt was launched to arrest the rest of the perpetrators.