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Abdel Aal warns of dangers of terrorism

WASHINGTON – 31 October 2017:Speaker of the Egyptian House of Representatives Ali Abdel Aal on Tuesday warned of the dangers of terrorism and the fourth generation wars.
In his speech at a symposium in the Middle East Institute here, he added that the regional context around Egypt is suffering tension.
He added that Egypt is also shouldering big responsibilities for protecting its borders with other countries that are suffering from crises and civil wars.
Egypt is also hosting up to five million refugees who escaped armed conflicts and wars in their countries, said the Egyptian Speaker.
The participants discussed the situation in Egypt where Abdel Aal explained the laws that were issued by the Egyptian parliament.
He also expounded recent Egyptian economic reform measures and legislation that are aimed at pushing up the economic growth rates and settling chronic economic problems.
He also pointed out that the law on non-governmental organizations in Egypt is based on three important principles; disclosing sources of funding, transparency regarding expenditures and rules of accountability.
The law is issued in accordance with all international agreements that Egypt joined in this regard, he noted.
Debates during the seminar also took up the role undertaken by some countries supporting terrorism in the region.