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NGOs law agrees with international conventions: Abdel Aal

CAIRO – 31 October 2017: The NGOs law agrees with all international conventions Egypt has acceded, Egyptian House of Representatives Speaker Ali Abdel Aal stressed during a seminar held in the Middle East Institute on Tuesday.
This was during the visit held by the MPs' delegation to the United States of America that will continue through to Thursday.
During the seminar in the Middle East Institute, which is the biggest research and analysis center in Washington, Abdel Aal confirmed that the law is based on three important principles which are disclosure of the source of money, transparency in spending, and accounting rules in these organizations.
He added that the law has not yet been implemented and executive regulations were not issued.
On this regard, many issues were tackled in the seminar, including the current internal situation in Egypt as well as introducing the laws drafted in the House of Representatives.
Abdel Aal also further explained the legislations taken by the House of Parliament for the economic reforms in Egypt and the chronic problems suffered by the Egyptian economy and the provision of social security for the poor.
Part of the discussion focused on the terrorism and fourth-generation warfare faced by Egypt and many other countries, besides the protection of borders between Egypt with neighboring countries suffering from destabilization and civil war.
Talks also tackled terrorism-funded countries that spread fake news about the internal situation in Egypt aiming to destroy the army and police institution.
Egypt issued a new law in May regulating the work of non-governmental organizations, a measure seen by rights groups that aims to restrict NGO activity to developmental and social work.