Giroud describes his ‘Puskas’ award-winning goal

CAIRO – 2 November 2017: Olivier Giroud, Arsenal`s striker, has discovered how he scored the goal that was awarded as the best goal of 2017, during the gala of the “Best FIFA Football Awards 2017”, which was held in London. Olivier Giroud scored a heel goal, “scorpion” style, in a curious way.
The video is from FIFA’s official account on YouTube.

The French striker explained that to mark his great goal, he was inspired by the dance classes he took when he was a student.
Initially, Giroud had told the media that the 2-0 goal for Arsenal against Crystal Palace was due to a matter of luck and that it had been inspired by a similar but less spectacular shot by Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Manchester United`s player.
However, now, in a subsequent interview with France 2, Giroud, former player of Montpellier, has acknowledged that contemporary dance classes taken in his youth had been key to his goal.
The French international said, "It was very strange. It was not the situation I was most comfortable with; it was part of the curriculum to become a physical education teacher."
"But our teacher considered that this type of dance was an art form, and the movement I did was part of a choreography of my dance teacher at that time," said Giroud.