Nesma Abdel Aziz to perform at Cairo Opera House

CAIRO – 10 November 2017: The prominent musician Nesma Abdel Aziz continues her concerts in Egypt with a new concert in the open air theater at Cairo Opera House on November 16.
Nesma Abdel Aziz is considered one of contemporary music icons, especially she is the first musician who played Marimba in Egypt.
She participated in numerous number of concerts in Cairo Opera House such as participating with Omar Khairat ensemble.
Starting from 2001, Abdel Aziz founded her ensemble and released many music such as "Marimba Fusion," and "Tico, Tico."
Gaining huge international success, Abdel Aziz toured all over the world with her ensemble under the theme of Spreading Happiness.
Also, she presented many music shows such as "Opera Show" about Cairo Opera House events.