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Sherin Abdel Wahab’s 1st trial set for Dec. 23

CAIRO –15 November 2017: Egyptian singer Sherin Abdel Wahab stands for her first trial on December 23 over provocative remarks.
On Tuesday, Abdel Wahab was officially outlawed from signing for insulting her home country in a concert, the Syndicate of Musical Profession announced this in a statement. The syndicate also banned her from performing until further investigations are carried out.
The decision was provoked after the singer threw an off-color joke while performing one of her recent concerts in Lebanon, where one of the fans asked her to perform “Mashrbtsh Min Nilha” (Have You Taken a Swig From Egypt’s Nile?) to which Abdel Wahab replied that she would go through Schistosomiasis if she drank it; a phrase which was deemed by some social media users as inappropriate.
“We will keep drinking the Nile’s water and will stop listening to Sherin’s song,” was the name of the hashtag that launched immediately in response to the above-mentioned incident and topped trends in Egypt in the past few hours.
For its part, the Health Ministry released a statement in which it contended that it has long fought Schistosomiasis and reduced its prevalence to 0.2 percent.
Abdel Wahab, 37, is consistently hailed as one of the most talented and successful singers of her era, being dubbed as “The Queen of Emotions” for her popular romantic ballads.