Austrian crime show ‘SOKO Donau’ screens at ACF

CAIRO – 18 November 2017: The popular Austrian crime show "SOKO Donau" has been dubbed into Arabic by a group of Syrian immigrants, and will screen at the Austrian Cultural Forum Cairo on Monday, November 20 as part of its "Movie Monday."
Running since 2005, "Soko Donau," or "Vienna Crime Squad" follows a special task force of crime fighters in Danube, Vienna who go wherever they can to stop criminals, through land and sea. The cases they deal with are frequently bizarre, involving stolen horses, murdered refugees, missing organs, smuggling rings, wild girl gangs and more.
The refugees have dubbed one episode so far of the show, which involves a murdered artist found wrapped up in a rug.
The Austrian Cultural Forum in Cairo supported the project in order to help in teaching Austrian and to promote cross-cultural relations.

Trailer the making of Soko Danub from Manuel Molzer on Vimeo.