Worldwide recognized fine artist Saeed Hafez passes away at age 80

CAIRO – 24 November 2017: Prominent Egyptian fine artists Saeed Hafez passed away earlier on Wednesday at age of 80 as Syndicate of Fine Artists mourns the death of the international artist, according to the syndicate’s released statement.
Hafez has been previously honored among four other artists at the 39th round of the annual Fine Art exhibition that has been held in 2017. The Alexandria-based artist has broadened his studies in art where he traveled to Italy to pursue a Master’s degree and a PhD in the field of arts.
Hafez was well known for producing paintings and portraits showcasing defined memories of Egyptian societies over the years including childhood, youth, and past.
Inspired by artist Abdel Hady El Gazar who was named as a philosopher of popular myths, Hafez was a realist who often used dimmed colors in his works to depict society’s reality, emphasizing a certain mood.
Leading 10 exhibitions in Italy alone, Hafez has participated in regional and international art exhibitions and galleries where some of his works were recorded in an international art encyclopedia in Japan.
Hafez’s art works are currently displayed in Egypt at the Modern Egyptian Art Museum, Museum of Arts in Alexandria, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Culture. His works are also being displayed and preserved abroad in Jordan, Qatar, Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus, and UK.
Honored internationally and locally, Hafez has won several prestigious awards including a golden medal for his “Graphic Arts” exhibition in 1994 and awards in Spain, Germany, and Norwegian.