Award-winning Tunisian actress Hend Sabry turns 38

CAIRO – 26 November 2017: Prominent Tunisian actress Hend Sabry was presented with the Faten Hamama Award during the opening ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival on the same week as her birthday.
Sabry was born in 1979 in Kebli, Tunisia. She started her acting career in 1994 with the Tunisian film “Samt El Qosour” [The Silence of the Palace], she was then introduced to the Egyptian cinema scene by Inas El Deghedy in 2001 with the film “Mozakerat Moraheka” [A teenager’s Diary], where she co-starred alongside Ahmed Ezz.
Afterwards, Sabry collaborated with Khaled Abul Naga, Salah Abdalah, and Shaaban Abdel Rehim in “Mowaten Wi Mokhber Wi Haramy” [A Citizen, a Detective and a Thief], the film was directed by Daoud Abdel Sayed.
Having proven her acting capabilities, Sabry went on to have many acclaimed roles in films such as “Halet Hob” [A Love Situation], “Ahla El Awqat” [Best Times], “Malek Wi Ketaba” [Heads and Tails], “Imaret Yacoubian” [The Yacoubian Building], “Asmaa” [Asmaa], “Al Gezira” [The Island], “Heliopolis” [Heliopolis], and “Genent Al Asmak” [The Garden of Fish].
Her roles in films such as “Asmaa” and “Halawet El Donia” [The Beauty of Life] explore the difficulties of terminal illnesses such as AIDS and cancer, respectively. Sabry also aimed to investigate other social issues such as marriage in her TV show “Ana Aiza Atgawez” [I want to Marry].
In addition to her numerous acting accolades, Sabry has a Master’s degree in Business Law and worked as a lawyer for some time.
Earlier this month, Sabry received a number of other prizes, including the “Media Award” – also known as the “Power of Film Abroad” – from American Abroad Media in Washington, D.C.