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Canadians in sorrow over bloody Rawdah Mosque attack

CAIRO – 27 November 2017: Doreen Assaad, the first female Canadian mayor of Egyptian origin for Brossard City, extended Canadian citizens’ deepest sorrow over the Rawdah Mosque attack last Friday.
"I have received many letters from Canadian citizens who love Egypt and the Egyptians. The letters convey Canadians’ deepest sadness and condolences over the terrorist attack that targeted Rawdah Mosque in northern Sinai," said Assaad, commenting on the huge number of letters extending the condolences of Canadian citizens.
Marking one of the deadliest attacks in Egypt's history, 305 martyrs, including 27 children, were brutally killed on Friday 24 while performing Friday prayers at Rawdah Mosque in Bir al Abd, North Sinai.
In her first press interview with Egypt Today Magazine, Assaad said, "I have been through a strong electoral competition. I was competing with three other candidates known for their impeccable political experience, and I only won for voters' strong belief in what I can offer for them when I assume my duties."
Assaad continued, "My services will not be limited to the Egyptian residents, but I will serve all the citizens of Brossard City, irrespective of their nationality."
The winning female mayor is a mathematician and businesswoman. She was elected with 39 percent of the votes as a Brossard Party candidate, reported Canadian media. Assaad is the first woman in 30 years to be appointed mayor in Brossard, Quebec.