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A new Guinness World Records for an Egyptian woman

CAIRO- 27 November 2017:Under supervision of Guinness World Records, a press conference will be held to award a new World Record for “The Most Fibroids Removed”, which were 186 fibroids removed from the womb of the Egyptian lady “Sabah Maher”, at Hospital in Cairo, by a surgical team, led by Dr. Sayed Elakhras.
The lady given the record is an Egyptian lady married for 5 years, who had infertility following a previous miscarriage at 26 weeks.
Following several medical consultations, she was diagnosed, and a multiple fibroids were discovered in her womb. After being investigated, surgical intervention was decided, when she was submitted to a surgery ending up in removal of a large number of fibroids, summing up to 186. This is reported to be the largest number of fibroids ever removed from a woman’s womb in one operation.
The press conference will be held at 5 pm on Tuesday, November 28th , 2017 in Cairo, where the Guinness World Records will award the certificate to Dr. Sayed Elakhras, the Omam Hospital manager, where the operation was performed. Dr. Sayed will present on the bizarre cases of fibroids and the reason behind its wide prevalence in Egypt lately.
Dr. Sayed reported that it was such a surprise discovering this huge number of fibroids, and that he felt the gravity of the critical situation and the paramount importance of dealing with the case very cautiously, ensuring patient safety. On the other hand, Mr Ahmed Makled, the CEO of the Official Partner of Guinness World Records in Egypt, has announced that the main goal of this event is spreading awareness in the Egyptian society, through highlighting such rare cases, about this disease.
Also, the importance of early detection and medical intervention for this disease will be addressed, especially for those women who are planning to get pregnant, without unnecessary delays or feeling embarrassed. Mr Makled has expressed being impressed by the efficiency and skill of the medical team, led by Dr. sayed Elakhras, who managed to deal with such a challenging case, saving a precious life.