Alves was not happy at Juventus FC

CAIRO – 29 November 2017: Dani Alves found what he was looking for in Paris Saint-Germain FC. The right-back defender is happy in Paris and does not miss Juventus, however Juventus may be missing him.
In Italy he was not comfortable, especially that he could not speak Italian.
In an interview with “Sky Italia” during the 2017 Grand Gala del Calcio in which Alves received an awarded, the PSG defender explains the motives for which he decided to leave the Bianconeri Juventus, meaning Black & White, "I wanted to do more, but the club did not understand my desire to raise the level, in PSG I am happy because I always looked for a team which plays football without paying attention to what they won.”
Dani Alves has been disappointed in Italian football. He does not like their philosophy but he praised SSC Napoli’s Coach. He said, “I love how Napoli plays because it is a team that defends the word football, it plays very well and I think that all the Italian teams should take Napoli as an example to improve."
"Juventus and all the Italian teams must understand that we have to take a turn and look for something more, to go back to the past, when Italian football was the protagonist in all of Europe," Alves said in his Sky Italia interview.