Update: Al-Ahly elections minute by minute

CAIRO – 30 November 2017: At 9 AM, elections of Al-Ahly's new board of directors started, and the club members started to vote for the board that will lead The Red Giant for the next four years.
The longstanding rivalry between the candidates, Mahmoud Taher and Mahmoud el-Khatib, will be resolved today in the ballot boxes.
Egypt Today provides direct coverage of everything going on inside Al-Ahly Elections:
09:00 – The voting is starsts at Al-Ahly club.
There are high security measures, roads leading to Al-Ahly club are cordoned off with iron barriers, and only members of the club are allowed to pass.
09:20 – Arrival of Khatib to the club.
09:25 – Presidential candidate, Elhamy Agina, reached the election tent.
09:50 – The Saudi ambassador to Egypt arrived at Al-Ahly.
09:55 – Mahmoud Taher arrived.
10:00 – The Chairman of the Elections Supervising Committee threatens to stop the voting process if it continues to be crowded outside the electoral tent.
10:18 – Hassan Hamdy, the former president of Al-Ahly, arrived and voted.
10:45 – The Chairman of the Electoral Commission stopped the voting process because the club's security could not control the overcrowding, and threatened to call the police if security fails to restore order.
11:00 – The Election Supervisory Committee called the police to regulate the entry of members.
11:20 – The Chairman of the Supervisory Committee asked Hassan Hamdy to leave the electoral tent as club members were gathering around him .
11:25 – Hossam Ghaly arrived to the club in order to vote.
12:00 – Some voters were suffering from respiratory difficulties, so judges and organizers of the electoral process asked to have ventilation holes in the tent.
The judges and organizers of the electoral process also called on the doctors to come to the podium to remedy one of the members' breathing problems.
12:25: Minor clashes between supporters of Mahmoud Taher and supporters of Mahmoud al-Khatib
12:35 – After the vote: Hassan Hamdy and Hossam Ghaly did not leave the electoral tent, they voted for the list of Khatib.
12:40 – The committee supervising the elections decided to stop the electoral process until order is restored inside the tent.
13:00 – Taher Abouzeid, former star of Al-Ahly, cast his vote in the elections.
13:05 – Ekramy el-Shahat, Al-Ahly's former goalkeeper and Ahmed Saeed, former vice-chairman, cast their votes.
13:05 – Secretary General of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Amr Mourad Fahmy, cast his vote.
13:25 – The Supervisory Committee decided to stop the voting process and called Taher and Khatib to restore order.
13:55 – Al-Ahli announced through its official website the quorum of the General Assembly after the registration of more than 10 thousand voters.
14:00 – The committee supervising the elections decided to call the forces of the Ministry of Interior to secure the electoral process.
14:05 – Hamdy el-safy, Assem Hammad and Tarek Khairy participated in the elections.
14:45 – Ibrahim Hassan, Al-Ahly former player and Al-Masry football team's director, cast his vote; he supported the list of Mahmoud Taher.
14:50 – Ahmad Belal, Al-Ahly former player, took part and cast his vote.
15:00 – Mohamed Youssef, former coach of Al-Ahly football team, announced before voting that he supports Khatib .
15:25 – Ibrahim al-Moallem, former candidate for the presidency of the 2014 elections, cast his vote.
Al Ahly elections – courtesy of Karim Abd Elaziz
Mahmoud El Khatib arrival – courtesy of Karim Abd Elaziz
Hassan Hamdi arrival – courtesy of Karim Abd Elaziz
Hossam Ghaly – courtesy of Karim Abd Elaziz
Mahmoud Taher arrival – courtesy of Karim Abd Elaziz