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Scores of Daesh elements killed, wounded in clashes with Syrian army

DAMASCUS– 7 August2017: A Syrian military source said on Monday that nine Daesh elements were killed and scores injured in clashes with the Syrian army in eastern Reef Homs.
Russia Today quoted the source as saying that armed forces continued operations against Daesh in the area and already managed to control five points and kill and wound scores of the terrorist group elements.
On Sunday, the Syrian army further “tightened the noose on Daesh terrorists in al-Sukhnah” area in a swift but intense operation, subsequently securing the town over the weekend, Syria's SANA news agency reports.
“Army units targeted with accurate strikes the remaining positions of the terrorists, who have fled deep into al-Badia (desert),” a military source told SANA, adding that most IS (Islamic State, formerly ISIS/ISIL) leaders in the strategic town had been killed and terrorist equipment destroyed.