Lonely Planet names Egypt 2019’s most value destination

CAIRO – 24 October 2018: The world's biggest travel publisher, Lonely Planet, named Egypt the most valuable destination of 2019 on Wednesday, Oct. 24.
The website specified Southern Nile Valley, as one of Egypt’s best places to travel to, stressing that its near-incomparable historical itinerary represents a superb deal for travelers in 2019.
“Egypt’s Southern Nile Valley is the flag-bearer for the country’s return to travel’s super league, and its near-incomparable historical itinerary represents a superb deal for travelers in 2019. For starters, world-class ancient sites hugging the Nile south from Luxor to Aswan are accessible for a few dollars,” Lonely Planet stated on its website.
The publisher added, “If you’re on a cruise, food and land transport will be included; otherwise, it’s easy to make inexpensive arrangements for all but a handful of big-ticket temples and tombs, which are more than worth the admission price themselves.”
In September, Egypt ranked first among the most visited tourist destinations in Africa by Chinese tourists, according to the Chinese tourists network.
In its report, the network said that Egypt was followed by Mauritius, Kenya, South Africa and Tunisia as the most popular tourist destinations visited by Chinese holidaymakers in Africa.
Also, Egypt has been announced as the fastest growing tourist destination in terms of year-on-year percentage increase of visitors, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)’s 2018 release on global travel and tourism.
The annual report showed that Egypt welcomed about 8.5 million tourists during 2017 with a 55.1 percent increase, compared to the same period of 2016.
Luxor and Giza were on top of Egypt’s most famous and well-known cities for tourists’ choice, according to the report.