Environment Ministry issues decisions to regulate use of natural reserves

CAIRO – 10 August 2019: Ministry of Environment issued a bundle of administrative decisions concerning the natural reserves department, atop of them a decision to regulate the use of natural resources at the protectorates during practicing activities.
The ministry’s decisions come as part of its commitment to the UN Biodiversity Convention, in order to organize the immense use of human beings to the natural reserves in a way that does not affect its sustainability, besides eliminating the random practice of activities and sea sports like: diving or snorkeling, by specifying certain places for those activities, read a Friday statement by the Ministry of Environment.
“These mechanisms adopted aim to raise the quality and the level of the touristic activities practiced by visitors of the natural reserves, and to stop burdening the protectorates with wrong and random usages,” added the statement.
In the same context, the ministry’s decisions will include the application of a system regulating permits issued for practicing activities in the protectorates’ area.