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Scores of Palestinians suffocated by Israeli tear gas bombs

RAMALLAH, -11 August 2019: Scores of Palestinians were suffocated on Sunday from tear gas bombs fired by the Israeli occupation forces at the precincts of Aqsa Mosque complex to disburse worshipers who gathered earlier in the day to perform Eid Al Adha prayers.
Eyewitnesses at the holy site told MENA that Israeli occupation forces stormed Al Aqsa Mosque, attacked worshipers and fired tear gas bombs at them shortly after the prayers were completed.
Israeli occupants also assaulted Al Quds Mufti Sheikh Mohamed Hussein, while Israeli forces are still deployed at the mosque yards as thousands of worshipers gathered to prevent settlers from pushing deep into the holy site.
Worshipers defied the storming settlers and gathered at Bab el Maghareba to prevent the settlers from entering the holy place.
Islamic Waqfs Department in Al Quds said that more than 100,000 worshipers performed Eid prayers at the holy mosque years amid calls by Aqsa officials on worshipers to stay at the mosque in anticipation of any storming operation by the Jewish settlers