RabehSaqer to perform in Egypt on August 20

CAIRO – 12 August 2019: Saudi singer Rabeh Saqer will perform a concert on Tuesday, August 20 in a hotel overlooking the Nile as part of the summer concerts.
The Saudi singer will perform a selection of his most popular songs, including “Khalas” (Enough), “Baghayar Esloobi” (I’ll change my ways) and “Qalo el-Hob” (They said love). In addition, the popular singer will play theoud while performing amid his Egyptian and Arab fans.
Saqer first started his career in 1982, achieving a long series of successes that made him one of the most important singers of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.
His latest musical work was a mini album entitled “Rabeh 2019” which consisted of eight songs, including “AlaKeifak” (As you like), “Agazt” (I failed) and “Al-Samt” (Silence).

RabehSaqer … Alsamt – Lyrics Video | رابح صقر … الصمت – بالكلمات

كلمات : تركي آل الشيخ ألحان : رابح صقر توزيع + وتريات : مدحت خميس مكساج : م/ جاسم محمد من ألبوم …