Arab authors, producers to be trained during 41st Cairo Int. Film Festival.

CAIRO – 12 August 2019: For the second year in a row, the Cairo Film Industry Days, running from Nov. 21 to 26, will organize a workshop for developing the cinematic scenario as part of the Cairo International Film Festival's events.
The workshop will be organized in partnership with Eave On Demand, a leading specialist in training and developing projects for audiovisual producers. Admission to the workshop runs until Sept. 5.
The development workshop aims at the participation of six teams of Arab authors and producers for a time span of 4 days, covering all aspects of the development phase of feature film projects, which include scenario development strategies, production roles, international marketing and sales, budget and financial planning, as well as film presentation skills to experts.
The EAVE Development Workshop combines experience in international training with its ability to create networking opportunities with professionals in the film industry in the Arab world, taking into account the specific requirements of each trainee.
The workshop consists of lectures open to all guests and delegates registered at the Cairo International Film Festival, as well as group meetings alongside individual meetings of the six selected teams of authors and producers with their projects in the development phase. These sessions should cover all the challenges obstructing talented people.
The Cairo Festival Administration explained that all projects must have an author and a producer and provide data in English and Arabic through an electronic form. All details are available on the Cairo International Film Festival official website.
Furthermore, The Cairo Film Festival has announced that experts participating in the workshop this year include Diana Erlbaum, producer of “Frankie'' the film that participated in the last Cannes Film Festival and "Elle", the co-winner of the Cannes Festival in 2016, among others.